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Policy 9: Improving the Solicitor General’s Department & Fighting Crime

The Cost of Crime

We have a proposed system that will cut down this budget instead of increasing the number of prisons and the cost of keeping a prisoner incarcerated.  The department could be cut down massively while increasing the success rate of rehabilitation on a permanent basis by at least 90%.  As of today there is a cost of over $81,000 per year to keep a man in jail. If he does ten years, you’re nearing a million and no rehabilitation.

Breaking the Cycle

Many of who are in the prison system of today are there because of the breakdown of the family.  Crime prevention does not come after the crime but begins within the home, the family. When you give the youth a balanced and stable family environment, you give them the necessary tools to fight against crime instead of joining it.  Gangs provide a sense of belonging but when the youth are given to feel protected and loved in their own home, they already have a sense of belonging and do not wish to venture out. 

Getting ‘tough on crime’ does not decease crime but puts it further on the rise and creates more violent and hostile crimes.  Many of the children whose fathers or mothers are in the prison system today are left to fend for themselves within a broken system that is supposed to care for them but that is preparing them to become criminals themselves because the father and/or mother is not at home.  This cycle can end when those that are in prison now find they can still make a difference into their family’s life on the outside.  Rehabilitation also provides prevention.  When one is rehabilitated they become a voice of experience and caution into the lives of others about a life of crime.


Freedom will be earned by learning who they are and their importance in being law-abiding citizens in this new family of Canada.

We will turn to the Canadian Forces where those in prisons could earn a career and clean out their lives in a one-time opportunity where the Military would take control since they have the training and experience of keeping war prisoners and executing planned operations to overtake people with guns, machine guns and any violent means to an end.  I’m sure our criminals are not worse than that. 

The Military will be used to give prisoners a formation, a structure, a career opportunity where he or she could get an education, learn mechanics, computer skills and other life skills.  In such, we could give these men and women stable positions, give them a sense of responsibility and a home environment in the respect we offer to them:  an opportunity to wipe out their past that usually comes from broken-down families. In the case of severe mental illness, treatment will be provided until the individual is ready to thrive in such a program.

Instead of the man or woman sitting in prison they would earn for themselves and their families outside the prison walls. The man or woman, within one year, could be a law-abiding citizen that would pay taxes instead of taking from taxes, where he could look after his family instead of leaving his or her family in the welfare system and taking more from taxes.  We could eliminate the welfare system and all its high costs of bureaucracy that takes more than it gives.  In this way, women and children will not be degraded and lessened because of the hard past of a spouse who ended up in jail and who never knew family values, where now through the Military they could learn moral values and make a good living for their family.

Once released and given a new lease on life, their record would be wiped out after a period of time; instead of their sentence beginning when they come out because they have a criminal record chained to them the rest of their lives.  With this type of earning, the education and rehabilitation they receive within prison, their chances of returning to their life of crime will drop dramatically.  They will have more of a sense of strength and value of oneself and their transition into society will have already begun within prison. 

Freedom will be earned by learning who they are and their importance in being law-abiding citizens in this new family of Canada.

With this new prison system we are also dealing at the same time with criminality, the welfare system, and the healthcare system, which are the major costs of operation for the government of Canada - all this because of the lack of respect for the family and woman.

To our youth we say, ‘Hold on.  We’re getting there.’  Some people sit too long so they can’t ‘walk’ too fast.  Peace is coming.  Don’t be angry.  Join us.  Become a member of the People’s Power of Canada and we will clean up this mess – not you, but what made you angry.

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