People's Political Power Policies: Policy 8: Employment

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Policy 8: Employment  

Working Together in Full Respect

Everyone will have work, where we could eliminate the entire welfare system, to some exceptions that are absolutely warranted, but to give dignity to everyone and the pleasure to live a life that they could build without limitation.

We will end immediately the current practice by all levels of government and all businesses (local, foreign or multi-national) of replacing our Canadian workers (our citizens) with ‘cheap’ imported labour.  This practice of ‘profiteering’ only profits companies.  It does not profit Canadian families.  We will not allow these greedy ventures to de-stabilize our Canadian families. 

Every Canadian will be given the opportunity of employment according to their skills and when necessary, training shall be provided to ensure their employment.  We must not take away stability from our Canadian families and squash their dreams of a better life.  Full respect must be given to our Canadian workers.

The PPP is not a military venture. It is a logic venture.  Presently, our laws are like screaming and we could never justify them other than impose them.  Because if they don’t mean much to ourselves, how could we explain them to others?  It is just like the law in making it compulsory to hire minorities such as First Nation, Filipino, Italian, Greek, East Asian, or Middle Eastern.  

We must welcome these people with their skills and to be prepared to share our skills with them so that this nation will be a productive nation where everyone will work for the well-being of the others.  It is the only way, through respect, that we could bring under control the high cost of living, while poverty increases.


Exploiting others is hatred against them. To welcome them and be fair to each other, only then you will have a nation that will stand where every worker could share in the form of shares in the profits that now are too excessive for some and lesser for others.  Through profit-sharing, we will bring stability to the standard of living.  In this way, excessive corporate profits are limited.  The PPP will insure that every worker in Canada would share in the profits of the business that employs them, thus increasing incentive for good work that will benefit families and communities, rather than exploiting them. 

Foreign ownership will have limited access to profits that could leave the country.  They will have to invest into their employees in the form of shares with dividends where everyone will work for his or her own company.  As such, you will have better employees.  They will keep their jobs longer and everyone will have a sense of living

Imagine two people working for the same company and they know how to be fair in the margins of profit because you would not want to do to your friend that works with you what he could also do to you: exploit you.  So the margin of profit will become the multiple of revenue, where percentage will mean less but volume will mean more work.  The volume will bring balance to the excessive profit for some, which makes it impossible for their own employees to buy what they produce.

We will eliminate the wheat board and the other organizations of managing the monopoly of prices.  People will have the freedom to sell their goods and services to the public without the extra costs of importation and tariffs.

Local Initiatives:  As companies leave, for whatever reasons, with our support, communities (reserves as well) can step up and become managers of their own industries.
Valuing the Employee

Technology will not replace the worker.  However, technology will continue to serve a purpose in helping people do their jobs.

We will re-instate the value of the workers:  corporations now are quadrupling the profits by having everyone working on a part-time basis where they do away with their involvement with CPP (Canada Pension Plan), Workers’ Compensation, private pension plans and the possibilities of wage increase; while the cost of goods increases and certainly not because of the wage increase. 

The Canada Pension Plan, known as CPP, is literally empty, where now the government of Canada takes funding from the RRSP’s to cover up for what they took out of CPP that was supposed to be in trust to the people. What will be the next scheme to put the money back in RRSP’s?

Financing of all assets of the nation

Budgets will be balanced by cost-reduction and increased productivity.  We could operate with fewer costs and increase the revenues.  We will outline, in details, our financial policies where we could cut down the budget of the federal government, decrease the income tax system while increasing revenues because of dead investments by the government that produce no revenue while increasing in cost to the taxpayer every year.  This is unacceptable.

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