People's Political Power Policies: Policy 7: Education & Training

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Policy 7: Education and Training

We will invest in our youth and in all the people of this Nation through education

I Our Youth

The education of our youth will be seen as the investment of the nation into the Family of Canada.  Poverty will be removed through education as an investment of the nation into the people by the contribution of the people to provide an education for their children without having to re-finance everything they have so that their children may have an education. Some of the young have turned to drugs and crime because they are told, ‘There is no money for you or for your future.’ 

The education system will be totally changed.  We will develop a national education system, using the media and technology, where everyone will have an opportunity, at a much lower cost, to learn to grow.  Through the improved use and availability of technology, we will make learning possible at a very modest cost.  Naturally the youth will have to write exams on what they have learned but it will be in a peaceful environment such as home, for example.

We intend to support our youth to the fullest in their ventures of achieving their dreams as a meaningful reality where they too, will participate fully in shaping the nation as a place of peace, prosperity and happiness for themselves and for the generations to come.

II Education for All

We will remove all barriers to education.  Through education, we will begin a foundation of establishing human rights in everyone’s heart without the need of expensive museums.  Our priority is to give everyone to look forward to tomorrow without pressures and divisions between people.  Everyone will set his or her dream, a goal, and will be encouraged to go for it.

Everyone should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential.  Only then will Canada be able to reach its full potential. In giving everyone an opportunity to succeed, we are guaranteeing security to all regardless of past constraints due to cost, unavailability of programs or any form of marginalization.

Anyone in the Nation that shows an interest in bettering his or her life and that of others will be provided with the opportunity of education, training or upgrading in skills or trades.  We will support everyone’s dream to build a better life for themselves and their communities.

Seeing the achievements of friends, neighbours and family will trigger their belief in themselves and so on until all are able to transform their dreams of a better life into reality. 

An open education system is paramount to break down the barriers of hopelessness created by the old structures of dependency created by governmental agencies.  Dependency will be replaced by a new found hope for the future by the reality of achievement and respect until despair, sickness and suicide; violence, crime and drugs disappear and become a thing of the past.

Rebuilding Lives

Anyone disadvantaged or ‘let down’ by the previous system of education will have the opportunity for a ‘fresh start’.  Everyone has a unique set of gifts, skills and aptitudes regardless of what labels have been imposed on them.   

A Fresh Start

We will ensure that no one falls through the cracks by being denied an opportunity for the education or training required to build a good future for their families - be they injured armed forces personnel or those seeking asylum in Canada.   

Those wanting to break out of the stigma of their old lives be it by prostitution, criminality or dependencies on E.I. or welfare will have the same opportunities as anyone else in accessing education or training programs.

Loss of Hope

More and more Canadians are finding themselves un-employed whether because of work-related injuries, down-sizing of businesses etc. and find themselves without the necessary job skills or support needed for re-employment.  Sadly, many have taken their own lives because they see no hope for the future.  This creates instability in the family and de-stabilizes the family of Canada where we are all affected by the lives of those around us whether we know it or not. 

We will reinstate stability by giving people hope by assisting them to transition to new jobs towards brighter futures.

III Partnerships & New Frontiers


On-going training and education programs within businesses will create a strong culture between employers, employees and customers by satisfying the hopes and dreams of all parties. 

Continuing to build skills over the years is more cost-efficient than the constant hiring, re-hiring and re-training of new employees.  When employers commit to on-going re-investment in education and training that develop the capability and skills of their workers throughout their careers be it a white collar, blue collar or no-collar business, their workers become better employees.  Soon you see the double-commitment of both employees and employers who are proud to work together by mutual respect in recognizing everyone’s importance in the business.  Without the other, neither could function.

In providing continuous education and training opportunities that not only improve the knowledge and expertise of employees but also ensure the safety of the worker, businesses will achieve sustainability through well-trained, happy people that will work for them for fifteen, twenty, even thirty or forty years. 

Those who seek to function as mega-corporations within a 1% profit margin on the backs of un-unionized part-time staff would soon go out-of-business as other companies guarantee workers on-going training opportunities and integrity by respectful employment.  Any business that does not comply with the ‘better business standard’ of mutual respect will be forced to shut down.  This includes foreign businesses.


Technology will not replace the worker. Properly training people to use technology is an investment in sustainability.  Even some large car manufacturers have discovered it is not machinery that makes a successful business but its employees. 

With the current speed of technological advancement, on-going and proper training is a must to guarantee safety to the workers.  How much money is lost annually through Worker’s Compensation programs and Employment Insurance Benefits because of injuries caused by improper technical support and training?  When businesses ignore their responsibilities to their workers they shift it onto the backs of hard-working Canadians. 

Failure to comply with government safety standards through proper, on-going education will result in large fines for the companies or closure.

Awareness & Training in Food Production

To date, only 2% of Canadians are farmers.  We import far more than we should when we could grow our own and at cheaper prices while opening up employment in areas of food production. There is a real need for more food producers be they in the farming industry, greenhouse industry or the fishing industry. 

We will make education available to any individual or community that is interested in establishing local food production ventures by offering training, instruction and guidelines required to set up a viable and productive farm, fishery or greenhouse food industry that will supply Canadian consumers with home-grown products as far as is possible with enough left over to export to other nations.  We will make these programs available across Canada with equal access to those in a large urban setting or a remote community. 

But no matter how good a program may be, if no one knows about it – it is no good to anyone.  The government will create an awareness of these programs by advertising through the media, through technology and by way of the elected representatives of the people. 

Awareness strategies of the education and training programs available will lead to a profitable, sustainable food production system as well as a respectful approach to the environment as a living organism deserving of such.

III Unity

Re-Educating the Nation

To begin the process of unity all inhabitants of this land must be re-educated in a new history of Canada where justice and truth will be brought to all people by examining all the things that separated us in the past. Turning a ‘blind eye’ to the complete truth results in partiality and restricts real learning from taking place.  We cannot build upon a ‘false’ footing.  We need a strong foundation of truth to build the kind of Canada all can claim as ‘our home’.

Those who have been brain-washed with hatred towards the First Nation people and other nationalities must be re-educated in discovering the value of each citizen and their origins and the contribution they bring to the life of Canada.  To end racism and all forms of discrimination starts with understanding and respect, then you have equality.  No person is greater or lesser than the other.

If a body-builder ignored all the weights that were too heavy for him, how would he ever overcome his weak state and become stronger?  We too will grow in strength as the family of Canada if we face what ‘appears’ heavy to continue to build strength.  And we have an expression:  There is strength in numbers.  And this is why unity is so important.  Together, we become the foundation of a better, wiser Canada.

It is a duty for the whole nation to partake in its own restoration.

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