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Policy 6: Healthcare

The Cure of all Diseases

Are we truly interested in preventing diseases, rather than just to find some medical reasons or ways to put in remission diseases that could be eliminated, if we have enough care to understand their origins?  The origins of all diseases take place in the human structure (anatomy), triggering defects because of the lack of willingness to live, which also triggers the purpose of existence only to survive rather than live happily. 

The high cost of healthcare is due to not taking care of our health!  We have a plan, for everyone’s healing from the continuous burden of diseases.  Healing begins in a desire to live, triggered by hope.

The value of the family will be understood as the strength and foundation in cutting health care costs, diminishing criminality, giving a break to the environment and re-kindling personal dreams.

As a Nation, we will become healthy again. Again, healing begins in a desire to live, triggered by hope.  We will provide instructions for how to really care for one another. Caring takes its roots in love. In the Canada that we offer, as fear and lack of hope diminishes, the immune system of individuals will become replenished.

The Spirit of caring that begins in the home will spread into healthcare facilities themselves where everyone involved in the practice of healing and caring, be they nurses, doctors, healthcare aids, paramedics and all others, will continue the ‘practice’ of caring in the various healthcare settings to continue to truly heal rather than just dispense drugs and treatments by bringing to life the oath they take.  Their flame of caring will inspire hope in the remaining sick and despairing members of society, rekindling in them the embers of hope dampened by uncaring until now.

Becoming healthy at lower costs

The PPP has a very specific agenda: one to scrutinize the over-expenditure of departments that increase the cost of operation and bring no revenue to the nation.  For example, our politicians are telling us that everything will get worse:  from healthcare, to crime prevention, to terrorism and now if we logically look at these statements, if everybody ends up sick there are less people paying taxes, increasing the cost of healthcare.  In such, it is putting pressure on the next generation who will only be working to maintain a system where no healing is truly taking place.

The sick, the terminally ill, the despairing, the addicted, the mentally ill, will decrease in numbers due to the effects of personal caring and the restructuring within homes and communities. As a result, health care costs will greatly diminish and health care benefits will greatly increase

As our society continues to age, benefits and revenues to the country will continue to increase, as the costs of caring for the ill and aging will actually decrease through caring. We will see Health Care departments becoming assets, rather than liabilities as we reduce healthcare costs by 50% in three years.  

Healthcare Affects Everyone

Healthcare affects all of us, whether we are sick or not.  It is our ‘care’ to care.  As more and more people become ‘sick’ the healthy members will need to work more and more to meet the needs of the growing number of sick and will eventually become sick themselves as more and more money will be needed through taxation to meet the growing health demands.  How long before all of us are working for survival only and we become sick ourselves?  Then what?

The cycle must be broken.  We can see the effects that ‘not caring’ has, as our society becomes more and more reliant on the healthcare system.  It requires more than medication and hospital beds to address our growing health issues.  For people to truly heal they require living proof that someone cares beginning by our own government who must begin by seeing Canada as a family.  Our government must pass laws that do not penalize the family but that enrich our families by bringing relief and hope of a better future to all people:  mothers, fathers, children and seniors.

And imagine how balanced and healthy we will all be when we recognize everyone cares.  Imagine the hope we can bring to those who may have lost it when we find ways to care for one another enough to want to make their dreams of a better life come true (become reality).

Restoring Balance by Eliminating Stress

There is a direct relationship between stress and all diseases. The proof is that physicians always recommend ‘reducing stress’ as an important step in overcoming illness and disease.  They even enforce ‘no visitors’ in the case of some of their patients or restrict ‘visiting times’ in hospitals to prevent fatigue, and stress which could interfere with a person’s recovery. 

A calm environment is necessary for inner balance to be maintained and a physician has the power to reduce or eliminate any factors that disturb our peace.  Politicians can learn from this by eliminating all the stressors that deprive us of a balanced life by ensuring a balanced climate in the home and in the environment. 

For example, the government can be much more rigorous in anti-smoking, drinking and gambling legislation which negatively affects the physical and psychological health of individuals, their families and society in general. 

It is time the government becomes involved in the rehabilitation of the nation instead of viewing these dangerous addictions as money-making ventures.  Consider the aftermath?  How much is spent yearly on cancer treatments, on psychiatry, on social agencies to clean up after the mess has been made? The government makes one dollar on liquor taxes or lottery ticket sales and then spends two dollars in an attempt to deal with the personal and social problems they helped to cause. The government in power uses these addictions in their money-making schemes leaving the fall-out to the next government in office to pay for the clean-up.  Then the next government does the same. And so the cycle continues with no real change and no real healing. And every year, health care costs rise and take their toll. 

Health and the Environment

We all know there is a link between health and the environment.  A toxic environment equals a wealth of health problems that ends up costing the taxpayer their income, their health and their future.  Many corporations don’t care about their ‘fallout’ on our environment.  Their profit-margins are more important.  We must stop paying into the pockets of corporations and multi-nationals who do not care about the effects of pollution on our rivers, our land and our air. We must stop selling-out our resources to foreign interests who have no interest in our greatest asset:  our people. 

We will enforce laws that protect the families of Canada.  In making sound decisions to protect the people of Canada, the environment will be protected as well.  The security of our health depends on a comprehensive plan that includes good decisions made to protect our citizens and our environment.  In caring for one, we care for the other as each has an important role in the ecosystem. 

We offer a plan to minimize health costs by keeping the environment clean.  Many accords have been signed and many promises of ‘a clean environment’ have been made and still pollution is worse every year and we see the price people pay with an increase in asthma and emphysema, many forms of cancer and many other diseases.

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