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Policy 4: The Family

Caring for people is a political issue.

The main goal of this party will satisfy every woman of this nation as well as the spirit of family. By attaining this goal, we will reduce excessive costs of social services, the welfare system, criminality, matrimonial problems and emotional problems. The people will be the main asset of the nation. We invite you to become members of this ideal that must be ours, because you have become our family. We would like to outline issues which we see as priorities.

Our priority is first the family where unless we re-establish the absolute value and need of a family structure, we cannot deal with the problems in society such as crime, abortions, and the breakdown in family - all problems that politicians are attempting to overshadow with promises. 

We will have a federal law prohibiting the cutting off of hydro, heat and water under any circumstance, other than emergency repairs.  All rental units will be responsible for including utilities within the rent. A landlord will be required to follow this law or be charged with criminal negligence or theft from the tenant. 

Respect for women and the family is the key to ending the welfare system.  Canada will no longer need a welfare system.  Until then, Family Services or social agencies that would put people with children on the streets will be deemed criminally responsible.  Provincial transfer payments from Ottawa will be eliminated towards provinces involved in such activities.

Building Hope for the future 

Our priority is to give everyone to look forward to tomorrow without pressures and divisions between people. Everyone will set his/her dream, his/her goal and will be encouraged to go for it.  And we will remove the wasted time of polluting the minds of the young with sexuality, drugs and alcohol; to give them to look forward to a beautiful home environment where all the young women of this nation will be thankful to whoever they pray to, if they do for being recognized as the founders of Canada, because everyone was born through a woman. Women are beyond the founders of the Confederation because there are no federations of cons in their hearts. This is the Duplessis way and we say: "No way!"

The value of the family will be understood as the strength and foundation in cutting health care costs, diminishing criminality, giving a break to the environment, and re-kindling personal dreams.  The family structure is the basis of home care. When you see happiness, you become happinessCanada must become a family where we will have role models in young men wanting to look after their families, their mothers and fathers; and young women dreaming up happiness by the reality of the example of their own family structure to continue the legacy of a true marriage between people and their nation.

The new structure of a new Canada will make the members of this nation not only believe in it but partake in building it. Because of the family breakdowns on accounts of the systems of the past, many have been deprived of education and opportunities to learn a trade or to function in the fields that they would like because of monetary limitations and a lesser sense of value because of the pressures of broken-down families.

Sadly, we are reducing our population and increasing perversion, where this manipulation (by the supposedly great men of the world) plunges nations into chaotic ventures like drugs, alcohol and sexuality.  This makes a takeover much easier because a drunk man will like you if you give him beer, but he won't if you try to sober him up unless you give him something better than what you have given him so far. 

And we will give him better.  We will help him regain his balance beginning with a new life at home:  peaceful, secure and loving beginning by true respect where mere survival is replaced by hope for the future.

Protecting our most valuable Resource – our Children

We must protect our children, our hope for the future.  We will change the ‘age of consent’ to eighteen years of age to protect our children from the current trends of disrespect by pornography.  The ‘age of consent’ in Canada is now fourteen.  This has led to an increase in the risk our children face by drawing child predators from around the globe to our Canadian communities.  It is becoming more and more difficult to protect our children from sex abuse crimes regardless of increased legislation against these crimes. 

First, the government makes it easier for these crimes to exist and then it claims to be ‘tough on crime’. This is a contradiction of the greatest magnitude that needs to be addressed.  Do we care for our children or don’t we?  Are they our future and as such, our most valuable resource or aren’t they? Talk about ‘crimes against humanity’!

Investing in our Youth / Education – not poverty

We will invest in our youth and in all the people of this Nation through education, so that all will have the opportunity to strengthen and multiply the natural resources of this country – our youth.  The education system will be totally changed.  We will develop a national education system, using the media and technology, where everyone will have an opportunity, at a much lower cost, to learn to grow.  Naturally they will have to write exams on what they have learned but it will be in a peaceful environment such as home for example.

In this way, we will begin a foundation of establishing human rights in everyone’s heart without the need of expensive museums.  Our priority is to give everyone to look forward to tomorrow without pressures and divisions between people.  Everyone will set his or her dream, a goal, and will be encouraged to go for it.

Poverty will be removed through education as an investment of the nation into the people by the contribution of the people to provide an education for their children without having to re-finance everything they have so that their children may have an education. Some of the young have turned to drugs and crime because they are told, ‘There is no money for you or for your future.’ 

We know for some of the young it will seem ‘impossible’ that everything could be cheaper and for them to be happy.  It is time now for the young to believe what we say because we are here for the whole country.  We cannot and will not forget you, the young, for you are the Dream of a better tomorrow for all. 

Family Day

The structure of the family will bring back home the street children, the husbands or wives that have gone astray; where we intend to give back to this nation a family day, the seventh day.  It is not religiously.  It is giving the family an opportunity of unity.  In such, everyone will have a reason to go home, to express their feelings and emotions, where the structure of parenting will be the main pillar of our society by teaching our young the joy and beauty of being parents and not ‘just’ a parent.

Every family will have an opportunity to sit together, to strengthen each other, to worship as they please or not, but the family value will be restored for the atheist as much as for the religious because it will be a Family Day.

If defied, there will not be fines but instead, businesses will be shut down permanently.

A Healthy Canada 

If no one sees the value of the family as important, healthcare costs will increase as the experts tell us so well (without citing the true cause); criminality will increase; sexual abuse will increase, pedophilia will increase, lusting will increase; and the will to live will decrease. If these costs keep increasing, we will have less people contributing to taxes, since we are now banning life for the pleasures of flesh.

Our Seniors 

We have a plan for Senior Citizens that will prove successful for them and for all Canadians.  Because of their many contributions to the wealth of Canada by their many years of service, employment and paying taxes, it is time that we recognize the contributions our Elders have made in a way that will benefit them in their retirement years by reducing the psychological and financial stress that soaring costs have on fixed income recipients. 

It is time to show respect for the contributions they have made throughout their lives.  As such, any Senior who wishes to retire at age 65 will not be expected to pay property taxes in his or her own residence.  Removing the property tax would apply only at the residence in which they live. Any income property would still be subject to property taxes because of the supplementary income.

Removing this financial burden from our Seniors would allow them to retire while opening doors to the young increasing opportunities for more work and more jobs that otherwise, seniors would have to keep in order to pay their property tax.  And it would allow the young greater accessibility to building their family lives.

Finally, retirees could take a rest without having the pressure of taxation on property.  No seniors (under an income ceiling that will be fixed) will have to pay property taxes, in order to reward them for their contributions in having built the nation.  Together we can create an environment where people would look forward to retirement and we intend to make Canada this beautiful.

It is time we recognize the incredible contributions that our Seniors, our Elders have made in their investment into the family structure of Canada by the wisdom they share and by their leadership in continuing to be the examples of commitment, love and respect for others that they have shown throughout their lives.  Now, with a restructured home base (where the family is central) the health conditions of our Seniors and all will change.

Volunteer and mentorship programs involving our Seniors will be encouraged.  With their many skills, knowledge and experiences, be they spiritual, domestic, vocational or governmental, our Elders will be encouraged to share their wisdom and guide those with less experience and knowledge. 

Seniors will be respected.  As such, they will look forward to their ‘senior years’ with optimism and enthusiasm. This will enrich not only their own lives but the lives of all Canadians where there will be no more ‘gaps’ in the generations.  We will remove the stigma of ‘getting old’ by respecting our Elders as the gifts that they are.  We will remove ‘ageism’ from Canada and become a role model to the rest of the world.

To our Elders and Seniors we say, Are you retired?  Would you like to be re-tired?  If so, here are some new wheels for you to get rolling.

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