People's Political Power Policies: Policy 3: International Partnerships

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Policy 3: International Partnerships

A friendship between neighbouring nations must be made with total trust and transparency.  We will engage in open and honest dialogue with other nations to build bridges that create peace, not war. Again, ‘If anybody loses, nobody wins.’

The Banking System & Peace, not War

Canada will pay off its debts and will no longer be dominated by a world banking system;
where now another currency is circulating to try and override all currencies of the world through a system of absolute corruption.

International affairs, under the PPP:  Canada will never become a military zone. Canada will never be dominated by other nations who believe that they have the power to turn a peaceful country into a military zone for their own purpose and gain. When we work together we can build bridges between nations and that creates peace not war. 

Ending Global Poverty by Respect

Canada can become a role model of respect and love for the family and all nations that can bring about a resolution to all world problems.  We must see other nations as extended family, instead of ‘dealing with other nations’.  We are not here to interfere with life in any nation (sterilization, abortion, contraception, and other means of interrupting life), but to bring more respect to the process of life.  There is no reason for over-population, much less of poverty.  When you bring respect for woman and the family, you have all problems resolved:  criminality, broken families, drugs, alcohol, abortions and all.  The answer is respect.

Open Dialogue & Transparency

Communication is key in rebuilding broken or burnt bridges.  We will engage in open and honest dialogue with other nations to build bridges that create peace, not war.  Open and honest dialogue is important in creating a new vision by the agreement of all.  We firmly believe that if anybody loses, nobody wins.  It is by peace, love, equality and respect that partnerships are built.  It is this kind of partnership that will bring prosperity to all sides, all nations, all peoples and the world.

Open dialogue on all sides will be encouraged and if we must lock ourselves up in a room until we come to an agreement (as the cardinals do to elect a Pope or as jurors do to come to an unanimous agreement) then it shall be done for the betterment of all peoples.  We look forward to meeting every one of the leaders of the world whether they are terrorist, capitalists, freemasons, illuminati, christians or muslims.  Love is love.  Justice is peace.  And such will be.

Closed doors and ‘secret societies’ will not be tolerated.  A nation (a government) must be totally transparent, where the elected are held accountable and where its citizens can see and trust where their investment into the nation is going as the economy and the home become balanced and safe.  But if your own citizens cannot trust and depend on their government, how can you ask neighbouring countries for the same? 

It is time that the G8 start looking at a family environment instead of hiding behind closed doors with secret agendas that will be denounced once we are out there.  If you have something good that will benefit all, why hide it?  In hiding the true intent of your plans you are out-rightly telling us that what you have to offer is only for the few and will not be accepted if exposed.  This kind of secret society will not be tolerated.  For it will be the power and voice of the people that will be heard, not the voices of these few ‘elites’, though this new way of peace, love, equality and respect is for them too.

Free Trade

Why is the word ‘free’ in ‘free trade’ when a nation is exploited for their goods and services?  The exploitation of one nation by another is always to the benefit of the exploiter.  You cannot bring two nations together by one being lesser; nor can you come under the disguise of a benefactor and then bleed a nation of its resources.    Every nation must become equally important and valued for each have their own gifts, goods and services that provide the stability and growth of each nation.  One nation’s dollar should not be of lesser value.

When two nations agree to Free Trade it should not leave one nation’s dollar of less value, nor leave one of the nation’s citizens paying double the retail price, as Canadians pay in American outlets in Canada.  When if we manufactured more of our own products and sold them through our own retail stores the cost would be half to the consumers.  In addition, there would be more jobs created and thus, more wage earners and ultimately more consumers which would add to the Canadian economy.

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