People's Political Power Policies: Policy 2: The First Nations

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Policy 2: The First Nations

Healing for All Canadians

Another important policy is to resolve the issues between the First Nation people, the
Government of Canada and the Churches.
  The resolution of this issue will come with healing on all sides.  It is not an issue that only directly affects the said parties but all the people of Canada.  Everyone is directly affected by the continuation of racism, partiality, hate, lack of love and domination of a race.  Likewise, we will all be affected by the end of such things, for each one of us plays a part in bringing healing into one another’s lives and the whole of our nation.

It is not sufficient to payout land claims and monies for Residential Schools, which could further aggravate the situation in that the people remain secluded, literally refused into the unity that we speak of.  Words mean nothing when our actions do not mirror our words.  Apologies and laws are not enough to bring change and hope.  It must start with reconciliation, which starts with recognition of errors of the past, followed by change through actions (not words) for the betterment of tomorrow for all people.  Trust is important in establishing a partnership and trust is only earned by our words becoming a reality through the love we show for others in our actions.

Once we have these things established, not by laws but by desires in everyone’s heart, our next step is to give everyone an opportunity to begin a brand new life in Canada:  from criminals to the handicapped; to the people of all nations that are here. Our politicians could get away with fraud of millions of dollars, but we have an incredible plan to cut off criminality, to increase the revenue for the nation and to decrease the income tax system completely over a ten-year period, where we could prove that we could increase revenue. In such, giving more money to the people to spend by cutting down taxes, where the nation will recuperate through the increasing economy from the taxes on goods.

Everyone will have work; where we could eliminate the entire welfare system, to some exceptions that are absolutely warranted but to give dignity to everyone and the pleasure to live a life that they could build without limitation.

Rights & Responsibilities

The Treaties remain as long as the green grass grows, the waters flow and the sun shines.  For now the Treaties seem only as an enforcement to those who must care for a people.  The Treaties should be honoured out of love for a people, not by obligation.  This covenant can be a covenant made to all the peoples of Canada for all of us prosper from the earth, from its water and the sun above.

It is a human right to have good housing, clean water and more than just the basic necessities to survive.  The third world countries we see on television are not an ocean or country away, it is in our backyard.  Reserves are in dire need of change.  They must become communities where everyone can do their part to bring balance and prosperity not only to their family, friends, and neighbours but also to the nation as a whole. 

To really help someone you teach them how to fish rather than to fish for them every day so they don’t starve.  When you invest in teaching someone their value and importance in a nation, you are therefore making a good investment that in the future will be an asset rather than a liability. 

By this the First Nations could use their rights to use their land for the natural resources it provides; not only the natural resources of oil, gold, gas and water, but the real natural resource, the land itself.  Farming, agriculture and greenhouses will be encouraged to build a resourceful and self-sustaining income for more well-balanced and fruitful communities.  Education in these fields will be provided.  And once educated, the practice and responsibility of making it become a reality in their communities will be in their hands.  The First Nations hold within their grasp the ability to produce and market wheat, fruit, vegetables and livestock for their own communities and all of Canada. 

Without the wheat board and the other organizations of managing the monopoly of prices, they will have the freedom to sell their goods and services to the public and the public may have the pride and knowledge of having bought something ‘Canadian Made’ without the extra costs of importation and tariffs.

All businesses within remote communities, whether Aboriginal organizations or not, will work together for the betterment of their communities and all of Canada.  Food prices will be carefully monitored so that excessive profits and gains do not exist while a community is being deprived of necessary nutrition.  If there are extra costs to transport and distribute essential food items then the government will subsidize the cost for these remote communities.  Essential food items should be available at a price attainable for any consumer wherever they might live.  In this plentiful nation of Canada, none of its family members should ever go hungry.

Healing Canada without Extra Cost

We would submit all GST revenue and place it in a trust fund on a monthly basis over a five-year period, co-managed by the federal government and the First Nation people, so that all people would be benefiting from the revenues that would accumulate each month into the trust account.  As such, every time a Canadian would buy anything, they would be contributing to the rising of the First Nation people to stability, where they would know that every time something is sold in Canada, they would get a portion of it. 

In such it would be almsgiving, not tax, where every Canadian would be happy to partake over a five-year period to settle all issues to the First Nation people and in such, where both sides would know of each other’s good heart. Where we could establish immediately on reservations, some corporations; and where everyone becomes self-sufficient.  And the First Nation people would know that someone cares every time they buy something; that they put something in for this third world country that we have created in Canada.

We would keep the GST (as it seems to be there forever) under control and that once all issues are resolved, then we could phase it out because the First Nation people would suddenly be self-governing without dependencies on the Federal Government to keep them alive.  So the budget of Indian Affairs would diminish through the welfare system, where the people would have dignity.  For the family structure would return to a healthy standard of living where all Canadians would be proud to see our native brothers and sisters happy, and us too, for having continued our generosity into the face of the atrocities that we have imposed on them.

In such, healthcare costs will diminish, the will to live will be stronger, suicide will disappear and drugs and alcohol will be recycled into ventures of nice homes and cars and personal development into bringing about a new generation that could not remember the atrocities of the past where we could be a role model for all nations of the world.

Church & State

Many years ago the First Nations lived as a strong people.  But when they were stripped of their rights (knowledge of their culture) so was the knowledge of their identity.  With healing and forgiveness comes wisdom and strength of oneself.  When you discover who you are and your ability to make a difference into your own life and that of others, unity begins.  You begin to have the strength to climb out of the despair that you and your people are in, whether created by your own actions or that of others.

The arrogant silence from the people who speak of God and do nothing for evangelization, will be forced by a movement of reconciliation to come forth and heal with the people.  If not, they will find themselves at an end by their lack of honesty and love. Their tyranny of paternalism will end permanently when the one voice of many people in one Spirit who stand together in unity will have spoken. 

The federal government of Canada, in its earliest stage in colonization through the recommendations of the King of France and of the British throne, has paid institutions in the priesthood and diverse religions to de-Indianize the Native people.  These organizations were paid so much ‘per head’ to take away their culture, their origins, and their language. 

The government has partaken and used the churches for the defamation of a character of the First Nations people.  In the past they have invested in the churches to dismantle and to try and destroy a people.  Therefore, the government must partake with those who have dismantled with them the First Nations people to fix the damage that has been caused to this Nation by re-investing through the churches (as they have done so in the past) and be forced to commit all funds necessary to bring a new teaching, schooling satisfying to all nations where the true essence of your God shall be known to all people by truth, justice and fairness.  It is time for a new teaching for the whole Nation under the supremacy of God.  (Check the Constitution.)

The churches cannot be blamed alone and the government cannot leave the responsibility to its own (those that were employees of them).  They were the employers; they are equally responsible for the full restoration of this nation.  An international court of law would find this government guilty of genocide against the First Nation people.

In order to move forward there must be reconciliation for it is then that the family can, and will be. It is the desire of everyone to have a family environment where they feel that they belong. By working together reconciliation can take place to bring unity to the new Family of Canada. 

To the First Nation people

We can, by working together, make these things happen but everyone will have to learn to walk together as one people.  We must learn from one another and throw away the errors and arrogance of the past by opening our heart to forgiveness and love for the importance of making a better tomorrow.

First Nation people: this is healing for you.  You are priceless, not ten thousand dollars a head for victims.  If you’re worth that much, then the non-victims are worthless.  You mean more to us than what you are told that you mean.  Become a member of the People’s Political Power of Canada.  It is free and you have us forever until all your people are healed and happy, beyond any doubts.

We are all family and together we can make the vision of the medicine wheel (all races as one) a reality.  A strong Canada cannot function with divisions and borders between its members.  Canada must be a united family where all its members work together with equality, respect, peace, love and trust. 

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