People's Political Power Policies: Policy 15: True Representation

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Policy 15: True Representation in Serving the People

Our Nation becomes the Family of Canada

Our agenda, first of all is to make of Canada a family:  not a nation or a country, but a family.  Unless Canada becomes a family it could never be structured in the way of human rights, and we intend to establish such.  For example, you cannot have a museum of human rights in Winnipeg when in reality there are no human rights for the poor, the destitute; or where you do not have absolute respect for the family beginning by woman of all ages. 

By Respect - Not Force

We will never permit forcible ventures such as the imposition of microchips in the human because we don’t trust anymore.  That is the worst form of imposing a structure upon people where all our previous leaderships have abused the taxpayers of this nation for personal gain and by their control of humanity.  We will never accept such, but we will have our own destiny as a nation under the umbrella of love through respect for the family that will bring respect to the children and all the people of this nation without the imposition of mechanical means.

True Representatives of the People

We have no political opponents because anyone that could show us better than a family environment, we could walk with you. But politicians have to stop looking for the title and the prestige of a position where everyone goes for his own dream and his own ego and never for the benefit of the people. 

The proof is: look at the mess we're in.  The nation is like a broken-down family where the kids have gone astray; people don't believe in the family anymore or in the nation - all as a result of this corruption, mismanagement or total ignorance. None of these is acceptable when you have the lives of the people in your hands. 

Instead of fighting others all day on ‘issues’ that separate us in order to win, it is time for all of us to move away from pride and prejudice where we did not care about the people in the past.  But respect the people now, and realize who you are – that you are with the people because you finally recognize they look like you.

Unless you convince the people by the reality in your heart of what you say, rather than election promises, only by this reality will Canada be without opposition:  where the 308 seats in Parliament shall no longer be divided in two, much less in four; where all heads will work together; and the people that have trusted us first shall be the ones that we serve by their participation in working along with us to remedy the ailment of this nation.

As duly elected representatives of the people, constituencies (the people) will have the say as to whether their representative is truly representing them as was promised on Election Day.  As the true power, it is up to the people to determine whether he or she should be fired.  And it is up to the people, to elect another representative if they feel the current one has not been accountable to them and is not working in their best interests whether by dishonesty or negligence.

A True Leader

We are looking forward to reaching out to this nation unlike politicians seeking office by destroying each other’s reputation and false promises in playing musical chairs in the House of Commons.  What is our political experience in leadership, you may ask?  The errors of all previous politicians have instructed us in not following their educational background and experience that has led us to the mess we are in.  We have no experience like them.  They taught us how not to.

It is simple: a doctor is not a dentist, much less a carpenter or a plumber.  But everyone is an expert at what one has sought to become.  We will look for these experts, but the top priority is that they live in a family environment themselves, not by abandoning their families but in living as true family people in order to understand the structure of the PPP.  Only these people will be accepted to head departments that work for the well-being of every member of this nation. 

The Leader of the PPP will work for no wages, devoting her life to serving and in re-structuring broken-down families because of the injustice of our governmental society that so neglects the family.  She intends to continue in this way, the work of a Mission:  where everyone will know the love of a mother (and a father) that could look after the well-being of all their children.

We are not a Party that will sit on a fence just for the joy of being called a ‘Party’. The family that we envision will become reality and we will not increase the deficit in order to please the people with electoral promises that they end up paying for by increasing the deficit to satisfy them.  In a family, everyone must sacrifice.  Such it will be. 

May you be blessed by whatever form of belief that must take its roots in a family environment, justice and equality through respect for all.  May your prayers and wishes be answered always with the well-being of others first.  In such, they will learn how to look after you.

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