People's Political Power Policies: Policy 14: The Budget of Canada

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Policy 14: The Budget of Canada

Together we will achieve a major surplus in Canada’s budget finally ending the Nation’s deficit.

    (i) People’s needs will be our first priority. You will have confidence in this new government which will lead you not into debts, but benefits, through honesty, moral value, real participatory democracy and by being servants of the people.

    (ii) This government will be totally transparent and accountable. There will be no massive bills for investigations into frauds or money scandals. Multi-million dollar funds for such ventures as museums for ‘human rights’ will be stopped and redirected

    As well, there will be no secrets in government and no ‘closed doors’. Everything will be opened up to the people: the full accounting of the business of the government of Canada which is its’ people. All records, audits, incomes and in short all finances of the government will be available at all times for public viewing.

    It then becomes the obligation of every citizen of Canada to ‘watch the books’, as it is the people who are the employers of the people who represent them.

    (iii) We will decrease the income tax system completely over a ten-year period. We will show an increase in revenue at the same time by eliminating unnecessary government departments (that are like ‘white elephants’) altogether; by reducing department budgets due to mismanagement and a lack of accountability to a minimum, while attaining a greater success rate for the taxpayers, so that ultimately, Canada could operate with a sales tax only and no income tax at all.

    (iv) The sales tax will be sufficient tax revenue because of the budget cuts that will be recycled into profitable ventures. In such, giving more money to the people to spend by cutting down taxes, where the nation will recuperate initially through the increasing economy from the taxes on goods (GST) until stability is achieved and the GST is removed.

    The GST could eventually be phased out completely, but first, used to pay off our obligations to the First Nation people, not only because of treaties but because it is rightfully due to them. In the rebuilding phase, ventures such as development of a local forestry industry could be turned into employment for the young aboriginal men and women, where the housing and living conditions could be improved.

    (v) Through profit-sharing, every one will participate in work that will benefit families and communities, rather than exploiting others. Every worker will share in the profits of businesses, thus increasing incentive for good work.

    (vi) We will limit excessive corporate profits where dividends will be returned to the employees and the province in order to regenerate health and revenue. Better employees will create stability within the companies and within the families of the employees.

    (vii) Technology will not replace the worker, in such, increasing our liability, through unemployment, welfare systems, costs for retraining, and corporate buy-outs. However, technology will continue to serve a purpose in helping people do their jobs.

    (viii) Volunteerism from those with wisdom and caring and experience will be encouraged, to help others to improve techniques, skills and abilities and expand their learning.

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