People's Political Power Policies: Policy 13: The Wealth of Canada

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Policy 13: The Wealth of Canada  

I. A Balanced Nation

Canada could be ‘balanced’ if the government stopped throwing away money ‘for nothing’ on wars; on lies like the museum of ‘human rights’; and on ad campaigns about how ‘beautiful’ Canada is.  Then there would be money available to create peace in the homes and communities and including the government of Canada; and there would be enough money finally to pay everyone like the First Nations people what they owe them.  It cannot be said, ‘We have no money to pay for this!’  Today it is important to be ‘balanced’ to pay what you owe.  Imagine, past governments waste money on the war, on ad campaigns while saying, ‘We have no money to pay the Indian people!’ and ‘We have no money for the youth!’

But no one person or group is more important than the other.  We can only win by loving each other and by working together freely.  We cannot ‘force’ people to do things like Russia does.  This will never happen here!  Never!  Learn to love your country and learn to hold each other from the heart.

What is more important today (not in a religious way or like the Communists who believe nothing) is to learn to love from your heart – that’s all.  Don’t talk all day without love.  It won’t mean anything.  Learn and share with the people.  Teach them to be love together.  For the first time they will say, ‘I am so happy for Canada.  I believe in Canada!’ 

II. Ending Poverty by working together…rich and poor. 

Poverty in Canada (and Worldwide) will be overcome by our ability to remove its shadow completely - through recognizing each other and the assets that we are to each other and the nation. We will invest in the people through education, so that all will have the opportunity to strengthen and multiply the natural resources of Canada - our youth. This will be the foundation of establishing human rights in everyone's heart.

We invite, in the name of justice, all the poor communities of this nation to join forces with our brothers and sisters, so neglected by racism and injustice; as all the poor of this nation are dominated by the rich, who will always use money to keep people under control through sanctions.  Disrespect of anyone, by anyone of any station in life, must be discontinued.

We will unite together as a majority family, where everyone is included with no exception as to their race, religion, financial status or poverty; without any form of partiality; or elite thinking.  Canada is the family that will gather the world by the example of its own family environment that will give equality to all and diminish poverty to become wealth – a commonwealth of all people

We will make it a criminal offence for agencies to have neglected people and caused them to sleep on the streets, winter or summer, for whatever reason, be it that they are drug addicts, alcoholics, or mentally unfit. Adequate housing will have to be provided for everyone.

The social services system will receive praise for ensuring people’s security; thereby, making them no longer dependent on the welfare system.  Again, money saved in this way will become an asset for the community and government by having costs decreased all down the line.  Social assistance costs will be reverted into investment, beginning by hope to those who have become dependent on agencies.

Caring for people is a political issue. Caring will prevent welfare, prostitution, addiction, suicide and all forms of negative involvement.   Again, the entire welfare system can be eliminated, where everyone will experience the joy of re-building communities for the well-being of all.  
It is greater to turn a liability into an asset than to ignore it, because an asset will always bring back to the nation the bearing of fruit of the work of the people.  The taxpayers, you and I, are the employers of the Social Service Agencies.  We will prohibit those agencies from endangering the lives of women and children in Canada and creating an enormous tax burden for the citizens of this country.

We will guarantee security to our own people.

III. We will end the excessive profits of corporations and multi-nationals that through their greed, withdraw profits and even basic necessities of life from their countrymen, women and children. The elite are in minority.  The poor and the ‘becoming poor’ are in majority: it is they who will speak on Election Day, with no ‘money power’ to manipulate the destiny of the majority. 

We will bring stability to the standard of living, where now excessive profits for large corporations are the cause of our living expense increases, which make it impossible for the average family to even wish to be living the joy of the family. 

    (i) Education or training and upgrading in skills or trades will be provided for anyone that shows an interest in bettering his or her life and that of others, where we could have workers and their goods ‘made in Canada’ rather than importing them from other nations, because of the struggle within our own.

    (ii) Local initiatives of real value will benefit communities who will no longer have to depend on social assistance and repayments of government debts. The time is ripe for these ventures, as industries are shutting down all over Canada.

    As companies leave, for whatever reasons, with our support, communities can step up and become managers of their own industries: for example using lumber for their own housing rather than pulp and paper mills.

    (iii) The needs of our farmers must be met before international markets take over to corrupt local exchanges. We have government surpluses that can be used to support the needs of the farmers to hold onto their farms. We will put money back into agriculture. To make sure that we have food in the city, we must ensure that we support our farmers to grow the food. Farmers must receive what is due them, in order to survive in their ventures. They will be supported with their costs of production. Likewise, our forestry and our fisheries. Remember this wise proverb.

      ‘Only after the last tree has been cut down,
      Only after the last river has been poisoned,
      Only after the last fish has been caught,
      Only then, will you find that money cannot be eaten.’

    We will encourage and support all communities to set up local farms. As well, we will invest in the establishment of more greenhouses so that the foods that can be grown this way are available for year-round consumption. This will relieve our dependency on foreign countries for certain foods and make them more cost-efficient for Canadian consumers. As well, it will provide year-long employment for those employed in food production.

IV. All natural resources of the land belong to every tax payer.  

We will become one nation, where all belongs to all people. As one resource becomes depleted or useless in one area, we are thankful that another resource in another part of the country can be our life-preserver.  Hydro-electric power, a clean, renewable source of energy, is quickly becoming an acceptable, thus profitable source of energy of which all provinces would appreciate a percentage.

We will ensure equality of Canada’s wealth among all provinces and territories.  We will address ‘transfer payments’ to the provinces so that no province and none of its’ inhabitants become ‘have-nots’ within the Family of Canada including First Nations.

V. Remote Communities

Food prices will be carefully monitored so that excessive profits and gains do not exist to ensure a community is not being deprived of necessary nutrition.  The government will subsidize the extra costs to transport and distribute essential food items to remote communities

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