People's Political Power Policies: Policy 12: Peace, not War

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Policy 12: Peace, not War  


Canada, under the PPP will become a peacemaker; not a peacekeeper - a peacemaker. The difference is that in making peace you don’t have to ‘keep it’; it is permanent.  It means two sides have come together (met in the middle) and are continuing to work together to make a more peaceful and stronger tomorrow.  But ‘keeping the peace’ is always with division between two people.
Under the PPP, Canada will not go to war.  But it will thrive for peace before wars so that wars will be a thing of the past.  We must look at our children of today instead of avenging those of the past.  If we love the family, we will protect it, not set it up in a war zone.  Canada will never be a nation with weaponries showing at every corner. 

Terrorism will disappear because we will take the time to listen before we condemn as to why people are angry; why they wish to destroy.  They don’t want to be dominated and many nations have by far more respect for women in their spiritual values than those who write on their monies “In God We Trust” while we promote pornography, sexual abuse, drugs, incest and breakdown in the family.

The New Role of the Canadian Forces

The Canadian Forces will be transformed.  The opportunity to learn and receive an education through the Military will still be available but the Military will now become an organization of making peace and not be used to create wars or continue wars. 

They will become relief workers in our own country and that of others:  trained for distribution of food for the poor; search and rescue; the aide in rebuilding a community after the destruction of a natural disaster, a war or because of poverty.  They will be the front-leaders in training other nations to ‘fish’ rather than to have someone fish for them. 

They will be in care of the rehabilitation of those within the prison system, changing today’s Canadian war makers into Canadian peacemakers of tomorrow.  They will teach them life skills, discipline and the value and importance of oneself, while giving them the training they need to be active part-takers in society.

The old role of the Military will be unnecessary because everyone is being given a vision and hope for a new life rather than the domination of the past which leads to survival only.  When fear and anger is replaced with hope and love, that is when the true rebuilding of a nation (and nations) begins.  The transformation of the Canadian Forces will lead to the transformation of the world.  It will become a role model to other Military Forces around the world of what can be achieved by love and respect.

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