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Policy 11: Unity

Missing an opportunity for absolute unity is a grave error.  It is an error to divide the nation by creating nations within nations because perhaps we disqualify other people from being worthy of our presence?    We will retain the unity of Canada by building a solid federation family of provinces and territories.

If there are no divisions, then there is unity.  It begins with hope but for belief to replace hope there must be proof that we are willing to work together.  Only then can the dream of unity become reality.

Everyone must be involved in the process of unity…the people, the church and the government. 

Understanding One Another

It is by understanding that unity begins; and understanding begins with listening. It begins by listening to one another, understanding one another, and then finally working together to plan a better future for all regardless of the obstacles we have created by pride and prejudice which is what works contrary to what is necessary to bring about a unified Canada. 

Today we are asking everyone – to come forward to begin the transformation of Canada by first beginning to believe in our country and then by learning how to talk together.  Listening is the first step in understanding one another.  It is in this way that peace among Canadians will begin.

It has been said, ‘If anyone loses, nobody wins.’  We must learn to share with one another freely and honestly the vast resources of our Nation.  True sharing means there is no one greater and no one lesser.  All are equal and as such, are equal partakers as to the wealth of the Nation.  And we have to want it for others, just as we want it for ourselves.

Listening to One Another

If there are no divisions, then there is unityUnity begins with sharing:  both sides listening to what the other has to say.  Who in Canada doesn’t want a better future?  We all dream of a Canada with prosperity, freedom, peace and security.  But, we must want this for everyone. Beginning with this dream and then following the steps together, we can begin to build this new home, Canada.  Remember, it begins with hope. 

But for belief to replace hope there must be proof that we are willing to work together.  Once there is proof, belief replaces hope because now we are working together to make the dream become a Reality.

Provinces and Territories

No more war, Canada!  Wars of the heart created by the things we use to differentiate ourselves and thereby, separate ourselves from others by ideas born of pride:  differences in geography by provinces and territories (where we live and where our ‘interests’ lie); differences in social status (the few have’s and the many have not’s); and partiality caused by differences in race, beliefs (non-beliefs), colour or gender - all lead to separation, fighting and break-up.  These personal ‘wars’ have divided and broken more than personal relationships – they have torn our country apart.    

We are not here because I am ‘red’, ‘blue’, ‘orange’ or ‘green’ or because I am from Calgary, Iqaluit, Montreal or St. John’s but for everyone to learn how to love from the heart because you realize finally (and honestly), We are all together!  We will retain the unity of the country by building a solid federation of provinces and territories.  In a productive nation, everyone works for the well-being of others.  British Columbia, Quebec, the Maritimes, Northwest Territories and all others are part of the family of Canada where every member is unique, distinct, but not better.

Each province will work for the well-being of the others beginning by dialogue and not by making ‘swiss cheese’ of Canada with too many distinctions.  We will not change the word ‘province’ or ‘territory’ to ‘nation’.  Canada must stop being a nation and become a family. A family is never functioning politically - in a democratic way, much less in a socialist way.  The PPP will guide us to unity in the spirit of a true family.

We are one nation under God.  (See the Canadian Constitution.)

The Rich and the Poor

We will end the real division towards unity in this nation – the division created by the rich elite bureaucracy over the rest of the country. 

In every country in the world – it is always the ‘rich against the poor’ because the ‘rich’ have made themselves more important.  The poor will think they are dreaming when all the people come together.  They will say, ‘Is it a dream?  The people love us?’  Imagine how easy it will be when everyone loves from the heart.  Only the Spirit of love could do this - teach us to love each other! 

We are there for peace and love - for the poor to dream and for their dreams to become reality instead of drugs and alcohol, and crime.  Where even though many years ago Stats Canada said it would be impossible for people to ever work again after two years of unemployment; but we tell you today, when your country finally loves you they will see all poor people believe so much that they will work every day with all of you.

Human Rights & Equality

We will also open the hearts of all people, rich or poor that have taken advantage of the great gifts that Canada offers by its freedom and to earn a living; where one could look after their family in a letter way by becoming part of a greater family in absolute equality

It is not buildings or billboards or museums of ‘human rights’ that will convince the nation of their supposed purpose.  Rather when unity and human rights exist, we will divert the funding of ‘white elephants’ into housing and into reinstating the First Nations people and the poor to become one with the rest of Canada. 

To the Media

For the media (TV and radio) – it is time to be honest and to believe in your country where all the people are together finally.  If you truly loved your country you would allow the smaller parties without resources (the poorer parties) free broadcast time to share with all the people.  The media is an important tool to bring unity to Canada and also the world. Every country will learn from our country because Canada will look like a dream to them.  

We look forward to any opportunity to express ourselves to the people of Canada and you, the media have a major role to play in the affairs of this nation.  And we will never take away from you, the media, the freedom to express your own comments and views that will enrich the nation, perhaps by your comments to enhance the beauty of this family that Canada will be.

We are looking forward to the beginning of a relationship between the media and the ideas of a better nation as you all continue your integrity in reporting by honouring your creed as a reporter in seeking the Truth always and without bias.

On Separating Church & State
Should it be so or should it not be so? Interfaith conflicts pertaining to every religion (also non-religious people, perhaps atheist, communist, socialist, democratic) - anything that becomes division in the nation, must come to an end. We emphasize the unacceptability of the interference of Governments in the affairs of different religions, other than to become a mediator - one that could bring together the spirit of love, justice, equality and most of all, respect to the fullest that should be rooted into the base of any faith.

Again, if respect is absent because of the freedom of expression, respect should override freedom of expression. We need to respect woman, the family, the communities and all faiths.

Therefore, as this is presented to the government and the churches, the government must reinstate, through the churches proper education and proper knowledge of a just and fair and equal way for all people.  The responsibility lies within the heart of all the inhabitants of this nation and North America.  And it is a duty for the whole nation to partake in its own restoration.

All inhabitants of this land must be re-educated in a new history of Canada where justice and truth will be brought to all people and those who have been brain-washed with hatred towards the First Nation people must be re-educated in discovering the true value of the First Nation people.

Healing must begin in all places:  the media, the federal government and the churches.  Before anyone undertakes to bring healing to others, they must themselves become healed.  How will we know when this has happened?  The permanent sign of satisfaction will be in the peace that will come to all hearts.  Then you will have come to a time of peace. 

We shake hands with everyone in the true spirit of honesty and ask from our heart, When will we start together?’

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