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Policy 10: The Environment 

Cleaning the Environment

Believe it or not, Canada along with other industrial countries has the reputation of being known as one of the heaviest polluters in the world.  Can we be proud of this? 

We will end the ‘for profit only’ type of thinking that is taking place when we sell our resources to other nations who do not care about the resulting ‘fallout’  from pollution on our rivers, our land, our air and therefore, our citizens.

A toxic environment equals a wealth of health problems that ends up costing the taxpayers their income, their health and their future. We offer a plan to minimize health costs by keeping the environment clean
We will become leaders of balance and harmony with the earth. We have the blueprints for the use of alternative forms of clean energy: wind, solar, hydro-electric and human energy. As the elements respond to human behaviour and activity (for example, more driving activity equals more gas consumption equaling more pollution), we can change human activity to show respect for the natural elements. Production and consumption must complement our environment.

The nation will be cleaned, government will be cleaned and human conscience and attitude will be cleaned.  When we respect and love our children, we get serious at leaving a clean future for them. The future must always be what we wish for ourselves, but for others first.  We cannot leave it to the next generation.

Family Day

We will establish Sunday as Family Day.  It is not in a religious way.  Businesses except for essential emergency and care services will be closed thus reducing the pollution caused by the businesses themselves and the travel required to get to them. 

Not only will families get a break but so too, will the environment as everything slows down for this period of rest.  And we all know even more could be done; but this is the beginning of a much more comprehensive approach in giving families and the environment a break.  For in the old way (present) we set aside only one hour a year to bring relief to our environment (Earth Hour).

Securing a Safe Environment for Future Generations - No Profiteering

We will have clean air and following that, clean streets, clean homes and communities.  We need to rebuild our nation by our people, for our people and with the people.  Every industry in Canada, be it the lumber industry, farming industry, textiles, fishing, hunting, manufacturing, and every member of Parliament, must be part of a co-operative system working in conjunction with the needs of every Canadian. 

We will end the excessive profits of corporations and foreign multi-nationals that withdraw profits and even basic necessities of life from Canadians.  We will not continue the present day ‘for profit only’ type of thinking that is taking place when in selling our resources to other nations our resources are being depleted at an alarming rate; and where our environment usually pays the price of pollution by weakening or destroying the fragile ecosystems that have been affected. 

The cost of ‘no future’ for our children and the generations to come is too high when ‘for profit only’ is the only motive of the multi-nationals and corporations.  Their profiteering exploits our land and disrespects our people.  For in taking what they want from the environment they rob our children of a future while leaving them only the price tag for clean-up for generations to come.  Maybe the corporations and the multi-nationals should live where they work.  Perhaps then more care would be taken, more respect would be given. 

If we all put in a little bit of ourselves, we could wipe out the deficit and find reconciliation in a love environment with all people of Canada.  Canada cannot function governed by world dictatorships.  Canada must take its own family environment to become a role model for all nations in not selling off all of our resources to other nations (for example, hydro-electric power and oil). 

Better and Increased Crop Yields    

We will encourage year-round food growth by establishing (funding) more greenhouses to make available a larger supply of fresh produce to Canadian families.  Establishing year-round greenhouses would also give the over-used land a breather.  Allowing fields to lie fallow every two or three years will give them an opportunity to rest between the arable years.  Resting gives the soil an opportunity to replenish its minerals and its vitality.  As well, it is an excellent natural way of pest control, reducing and even eliminating them. 

As well, we will encourage farmers and growers to engage in the ancient and proven practice of crop rotation which will not only boost crop yields but will also help in the control of pests.  In this way we can maintain a productive soil with greater, more robust yields and reduce (even eliminate) the use of insecticides and pesticides which are harmful to the environment and particularly, the health of those consuming them.

In the arable year(s) we will see an increase in crop production and also an increase in the quality of foods grown:  wheat, corn, flax or any other crop.  As with humans, providing rest for the land shows our respect as its caretakers.  Our respect for the land will grow with an increased awareness of the land’s true wealth in contributing to the health and wealth of all Canadians.

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