People's Political Power Policies: Policy 1 - Respect for Women

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Policy 1: Respect for Women

True love and respect between all people will guarantee a happiness and productivity in this country that has never been seen before - anywhere. It is the cornerstone of true freedom. Without love and honesty, the country will never function to the satisfaction of its people who have such a desire for truth, love, honesty and fairness. On the issues of abortion, pro-life and pro-choice, we must all agree to one attitude.

We are here to first bring value as top priority to woman:  the mothers, mothers-to-be, mothers that were. We will make all forms of pornography illegal:  in literature, on the Internet, in prostitution or in forcing women to sexual ventures to survive.

When you degrade woman and you promote the dissection of the motherly value of woman by pornography; promoting drugs, alcohol; and anything else by lack of respect to further degrade woman, it is an insult to the family and in such, an assault unto the whole nation. In promoting this kind of garbage you are defaming the character of woman and you have the answers as to why we have abortions, homosexuality, criminality and the breakdown of the family and where women have to compete in fashion with the young girls out there in order to keep their men home.

The Welfare of Women within the System

The government spends between $80,000 and $100,000.00 a year to keep a man in jail.  Meanwhile, his wife and children are subsisting within a welfare system that barely provides for the food, rent and clothing costs of his family.  We learn too, that for every welfare file that is closed, a reward or bonus is paid to the worker that manages to do that, if only by being praised for saving money; thereby endangering the lives of mothers and their children.  There are many cases of women being thrown out into the streets with their children leaving them little choice to provide food and shelter for their families ‘by any means possible’ often leading them to the desperate choice of prostitution.  Yes, a man is guaranteed his meal and shelter in the same day and when he comes out of jail, he’s guaranteed welfare; where the woman never gets out of jail because she’s denied a life.

Is the ‘system’ saying, ‘Let them die!  Let them commit suicide!  Let’s sterilize them in order to give them their cheques!  Eventually we won’t have any more kids to support!’?  Is the system guaranteeing men to have their ‘fun’ with no responsibility for anything they do?  Equal rights? Museum of human rights?  Right!?

On the issues of abortion: there is always a man behind an abortion. And who screams against women having an abortion if not the men who don't want to take responsibility for their child? By their promoting contraception or the ‘morning after’ pill, it is plainly telling women: "I just want to use you. And afterwards, get lost."  Women feel they have to compete in fashion with the young girls out there in order to keep their men home and we will pull women out of this mentality. When women will be respected, you won't have to talk about abortion, broken down families, criminality, sexual abuse, incest and all forms of lesser values.

We want respect for the young girls that are mothers-to-be and we will ban any form of dissection of the value of woman be it in pornography, in literature, in prostitution or in forcing women to sexual ventures to survive.  We will make these things criminal activities but we will provide opportunities to the nation to be educated in the true beauty and value of the motherly in woman at any age, from birth unto death.

This new respect of woman will establish a beautiful and respectful home environment where all within – women, children and men are happy and secure.  The feeling of wellness and balance that has begun in the family will continue until all of Canada is transformed.  Thus Canada will be renewed and re-born through respect of woman.

We don't want that trash of pornography (anything that reduces woman to less than her true/motherly value) in this nation anymore, whether it comes from Europe or the United States. Women will be respected in this nation and you will keep your trash on your grounds. It is not about religion, it's about respect - absolute respect and Canada will become the envy of the world because Canada will be a paradise for all. This is our intent.

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