People's Political Power Policies: Introduction

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The People’s Political Power Party of Canada will maintain the integrity of the Constitution of Canada, ensuring to give all people security, justice and peace through the establishment of trust.  The Party aims to develop real participatory democracy, requiring a moral obligation on the part of representatives of the Party to serve their members.  In such, the Party promotes a centralist view to bring unity between opposing views, and to bring individual abilities forth to develop Canada as a role-model for nations of the world.

We’ve all heard the expressions, ‘Peace begins in the heart!’ and ‘Peace begins at home!’  First there must be Peace in our hearts and in our homes.  Peace now!  Peace, not tomorrow but immediately.  We must ‘quit’ the wars that are being waged in the home, in our communities, everywhere in Canada.  Refusing to wage personal, business or governmental ‘war’ on one another is saying, ‘I love the people!’ And then you believe it is possible and you love each other and you talk together. 

We are here to join with you and to make possible an era where we can all say together as one (as members of the same heart), ‘I love my country and the world!’  And when you have this love for others, love guides you to learn and to share together.  It will be the Spirit of Love that guides us in all we think, do and say.

It is time to believe and to love your country.  If you don’t listen together there is nothing that can be done.  ‘Blue’ or ‘red’ or ‘green’ or ‘orange’ – it doesn’t matter.  The people are more important than ‘colours’.  It is so fascinating when you finally love all people from any country because now it doesn’t matter if you are poor or rich – you learn to love each other by sharing with one another.

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