People's Political Power Policies: In Conclusion

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In Conclusion

We ask you not to look for reasons not to believe, because everything we propose is very cost efficient. Everyone would benefit: we would have safer streets, safer homes, less criminality in the home as out on the street where Canada would be our native land, whether we were born here or not and where everyone would see this simple reality make such a difference in their lives.   

We invite everyone to open up, meeting anywhere, where we will speak and answer your
questions from coast to cost. And you the Inuit people and the First Nations, wherever you are in this nation: we want to meet you. We want to show you that you and all people of this nation in the prison system, in hospitals or seniors anywhere are our Family.

We invite family-oriented people to the candidacy of the PPP. You may be a good chartered accountant; you may be good with finances of different departments. We want loyal people. Your top priority should be that you are loyal to your own family. If you're not loyal to your own family, you can't be to a bigger one. But what we are doing for Canada in making it a family is that we are seeking nothing for ourselves but everything for all.

We have no political opponents because anyone that could show us better than a family environment, we could walk with you. But politicians have to stop looking for the title and the prestige of a position where everyone goes for his own dream and his own ego and never for the benefit of the people.

The proof is: look at the mess we're in.  The nation is like a broken-down family where the kids have gone astray; people don't believe in the family anymore in the nation - all as a result of this corruption, mismanagement or total ignorance. Neither one is acceptable when you have the lives of the people in your hands.

Thank you for reading. We remind you that we are a centre party inviting anyone in the centre and to grow from there. Democracy is to mean freedom. And freedom has no cost to it. We show you our plan. We don't make you promises of tons of dollars in your pocket.  We tell you that we could make it be what you read but only by working together.  Everyone must take part.  We must stop expecting ‘lotteries’ everyday from our government. We must be fair with others.  By being fair with others together we will make it.

Oh, Canada!

Anna-Maria Everett, Leader of the People’s Political Power of Canada

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