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Dear Reader,

Remember you are the employers of the government – you always have been. But why doesn’t it feel this way? Most of our employees like Stephen Harper, Paul Martin, et al have been negligent (criminal?) in their office. Democracy in Canada. Is this where we wanted to be? Is this the Canada we had hoped for? Is this the Canada we are willing to settle for. A Canada where some ‘win’ and some (most) ‘lose’.

In a family, everyone should win. Otherwise, it would be unjust. And aren’t we part of the Canadian family? Where we care about one another’s children as well as our own?

We are asking you to make Canada better. We want you to ask ‘the questions’ because you deserve the answers.

We need unity. Unity begins with love and respect for all members of the Canadian family. And listening to one another is the beginning of understanding.

We are listening. Together we will make a difference for all of Canada!

It is your right to know where we stand. We answer, “We stand on guard for you.”

Yours truly,
The PPP Family


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E-mail QUESTION: March 18, 2014

98. the New Patriotic Party, (the largest opposition party) and based in Ghana

I am writing to inform you that our institution, the New Patriotic Party, (the largest opposition party) and based in Ghana, wishes to send some delegates to visit your institution, especially the youth wing to familiarize and acquaint themselves during their visit to Canada.

E-mail QUESTION: October 18, 2013

97. We are a Registered Political Party in Pakistan

We are a Registered Political Party in Pakistan namely CDP (Christians Democratic Party). We are inspired by your Party’s theme and motto. So I need study materials for deep Knowledge about your Party and working with you in the future. Kindly send us publications and study materials.

E-mail QUESTION: February 14, 2013

96. Canadian money being controlled: Get rid of the present counterfeit Canadian dollar

The most important thing that you politicians must start doing is getting together and get rid of this present COUNTERFEIT Canadian dollar that are bank notes owned by the private Banking industry, the World Bank and Federal Reserve; owned by a handful of private individual Bankers controlling us.

E-mail QUESTION: January 10, 2013

95. Peace or War: Freedom or Death?

"In your article, Peace or War, you decide "is this: freedom or death?" You claim that God and His great benevolence would never ask another human being to kill another, and you have built a great argument around this premise but it is false. So while I agree violence is a petty and disgusting method by which humans solve menial problems, the Christian God actually promotes violence to serve His ends."

E-mail QUESTION: Novmeber 19, 2012

94. Referring to Scripture

"I suggest that in any future quotation of scripture you should 'ALWAYS' write the numbers from where they were taken so your readers can follow up on what you say. I was sent this e-mail by my son and so I will follow your work and even put your mission on my prayer list"

E-mail QUESTION: October 22, 2012

93. The PPP in Other Provinces

"I'm interested in your party in the Ontario province. Are you active in Ontario?"

E-mail QUESTION: October 10, 2012

92. Is any effort being made to re-register this party?

"I was very happy to see a political party that put Christ and Christian values in the middle of their message. I am very sad to learn that this same political party has been deregistered. I want to know if there is any effort being made to re-register this party or if it is dead for ever."

E-mail QUESTION: September 24, 2012

91. What sort of legislature would you pass?

"Thank you for your response, it has been quite interesting. However, I noticed most of what you said involved personal attitudes of Canadians. What sort of legislature would you seek to pass to accomplish these goals? "

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