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PPP Family
  • PPP Policies: IntroductionA review of what you might expect in our policies
  • PPP Policies: Respect for WomenBringing back value to all women
  • PPP Policies: First Nations PeopleBringing healing to all sides; First Nations, Government, Church & the country
  • PPP Policies: International PartnershipsBridging gaps through respect, trust & dialogue
  • PPP Policies: The FamilyThe importance of the Family & each of its members
  • PPP Policies: ImmigrationInvitation to all minorities
  • PPP Policies: HealthcareHealing will come throught the will to live triggered by hope.
  • PPP Policies: Education & TrainingInvesting in our future through education
  • PPP Policies: EmploymentThe value of Canadian corporations and its employees
  • PPP Policies: Solicitor General DepartmentRehabilitation and breaking the cycle of crime
  • PPP Policies: The EnvironmentBringing renewable energy and eliminating our footprint
  • PPP Policies: UnityA strong Canada, with all its provinces & territories
  • PPP Policies: Peace, not WarA new role for the Canadian Armed Forces
  • PPP Policies: The Wealth of CanadaThe real resources in Canada & the respect they deserve
  • PPP Policies: The Budget of CanadaCreating a balanced budget
  • PPP Policies: True Representation of the PeopleRepresenting the people with true respect and love
  • PPP Policies: ConclusionAn invitation to all!
PPP Policies: Introduction1 PPP Policies: Respect for Women2 PPP Policies: First Nations People3 PPP Policies: International Partnerships4 PPP Policies: The Family5 PPP Policies: Immigration6 PPP Policies: Healthcare7 PPP Policies: Education & Training8 PPP Policies: Employment9 PPP Policies: Solicitor General Department10 PPP Policies: The Environment11 PPP Policies: Unity12 PPP Policies: Peace, not War13 PPP Policies: The Wealth of Canada14 PPP Policies: The Budget of Canada15 PPP Policies: True Representation of the People16 PPP Policies: Conclusion17

Why Become a Member?

We are against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man and the oppression of any people.

Through the PPP the people of Canada will finally prove their political power. Federalism seems impossible across Canada today and democracy today looks more like a form of dictatorship where the people are manipulated by betrayals and promises that they will have to pay for.

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Why Become a Candidate?

We are not small, we are a family!

If everything has already been accomplished, then sit back. Otherwise, join us in working for the benefit of all - all the victims of neglect (including you) and all those searching for a time of peace within your heart. This is about showing you how better you could be from this point forward than the little you have done so far.

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I am writing to inform you that our institution, the New Patriotic Party, (the largest opposition party) and based in Ghana, wishes to send some delegates to visit your institution, especially the youth wing to familiarize and acquaint themselves during their visit to Canada.

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